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Our Story

When knitting with Reywa Fibers yarn, you add to a fantastic story. Each purchase of Reywa’s yarn enables us to put money back into Tibetan communities. With each piece you knit using Reywa’s yarns, our story gets knit into yours, and yours gets knit into ours. Find out more


Our newest Yarn!


Our newest yarn, Haven, is a fingering weight yarn that will leave you or a loved one wrapped in a luxuriously soft haven of warmth. Like our original yarn, Embrace, Haven is spun from 100% pure Tibetan yak down that slowly blooms as it is worn. Over time, a lovely halo of warmth and softness develops that increases the unique quality of the item. Like our other yak down yarns, Haven has a buttery hand that is a joy to knit with. Available in 25 hand dyed colorways.



Inspired by the warm embrace we received from Tibetan friends when we first entered their homes, Embrace is 100% pure Tibetan yak down in DK weight. Sumptuously warm and luxuriously soft, our Embrace yarns are truly unforgettable. They’re the perfect choice for a splurge for yourself or a beloved friend. Available in 22 hand dyed colorways.



A sport weight blend of hand harvested Tibetan yak down and fine Merino wool, Harmony is what happens when two exquisite fibers come together. With the luxurious softness of yak down and the elasticity of wool, knitting with Harmony is an absolute delight!



Spring on the Tibetan Plateau is lovely beyond words - the grasslands come alive with wildflowers of every color. The whole Plateau seems to be in bloom! Bloom is a stunning lace weight blend of ultra-soft Tibetan yak down and the finest Chinese silk that knits up into gorgeous finished pieces.


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Reywa means “hope” in Tibetan.

We exist to be a catalyst for hope and opportunity in Tibetan communities.