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Yak down is a uniquely Tibetan product. The vast majority of the world's yak reside high atop the Tibetan Plateau, herded as they have been for countless generations by Tibetan nomads. Because of their luxuriously soft and warm downy undercoat, yak are able to withstand the harsh Tibetan winters.




With a diameter of 15-20 microns, the yak down used in Reywa Fibers' yarns is comparable to cashmere in softness while being 10-15% warmer than merino wool. Naturally hypo-allergenic, it remains warm even when wet. Yak down's natural breathability helps the body regulate its heat, keeping the wearer warm in the cold and cooler when temperatures rise.

Yak down is extremely rare, with each animal producing an average of only a kilogram of fiber annually. In comparison, a tiny German angora rabbit produces approximately the same amount! The rarity of yak down and the remote corners of the world in which it is found add immediate value to this lovely fiber.




Yak down can be difficult to spin due to the extremely short staple length of the fiber. But, Reywa’s yarns are gently spun, maximizing every drop of the fiber’s natural softness.

Reywa Fibers’ Tibetan yak down yarns have a wonderful handle when knitting. They glide effortlessly through the fingers and work up wonderfully soft projects. Our 100% Tibetan yak down yarns bloom beautifully with wear, slowly creating a halo of warmth which is truly unique to this wonderful fiber. Yak down does not pill or felt, and while very soft it has excellent stitch definition making it a great choice for cables and other detail work.



Most of all, when knitting with Reywa Fiber's yarn you have the added benefit of contributing to a fantastic story. Each purchase of Reywa's yarns enables us to put money back into Tibetan communities. Whether it’s in student sponsorships, grasslands preservation, or medical care, each skein of yarn sold, each hand knit project finished, results in tangible impact in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

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