Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Founded out of a long history of non-profit work on the Tibetan Plateau, income generated by the sale of Reywa’s products will be reinvested directly into Tibetan communities. As Reywa grows, our ability to make a meaningful and lasting impact will grow as well.

Investing in Education

In the first seasons of Reywa, our profits are dedicated to ongoing provision of school fees and living expense for the children of the poor.

In the remote villages of the Tibetan homeland, many children are without adequate access to education. Though many children are able to study through elementary school, when school fees are quite low, advancement to higher levels of learning—even high school—can be dramatically beyond the reach of impoverished families. For these families, tuition for a single student can exceed the whole family’s cash income for the year. And most families have multiple children. Yet without an education, youth have no hope of escaping the cycle of poverty that has kept their family captive to cold, hunger, illness and debt.

At Reywa Fibers, our first priority is to help Tibetan children continue their educations, to enable them to study until they have credentials needed to find steady and quality employment. For some this will mean university degrees. For others it is a vocational school where they will learn to be teachers or practitioners of traditional medicine. Wherever they study, a diploma is a first step for a healthy future.

Purchasing Hope

Reywa means hope. Know that when you purchase Reywa yarns, you are helping us provide hope for a Tibetan student—and their family—for a future free of poverty.